Engine Mounts


Bell housings, flywheels, flywheel housings

Vacuum/Steering Pumps

Exciter Ring Kit

Lower Hose Kit

A/C Compressor Mount

Belt Tensioner

TJ/JK Fuel Tank Conversion

Intake Kit

Clutch Fan

Stainless Down Pipes

TJ Exhaust Kit

Lift Kits
     CJ (1976-1986)
       YJ (1987-1995)
       TJ (1997-2006)

Gearing & Axles

Optional Accessories



Customer Projects





Proper gearing is just as important as your decision to make the swap. If you are building your rig for optimum fuel mileage, you will need to run 3.07 gears. If you are looking for a high torque off-road vehicle, go with a numerically higher gear such as 4.11 or 4.56. If you are not sure what gearing your Jeep currently has you can call your local dealer and give them your VIN #, alternatively you can look for a metal hang tag on the pumpkin.
You can also check out this site for a full explanation:

Click here to ID your Axles