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On-Road & Off-Road Useage


Softride Leaf Springs  This legendary spring has for ever set the Highest Standards in the industry. It begins with being Shot Peened to increase tinsel strength and longevity in the worst of environments. Also 100% Cycled and Set in advance they eliminate a break in period and guarantee a defect free experience. As with All Skyjacker Leaf Spring Packs they are tapered leaves yielding more flex on the leaf ends while distributing loads more evenly, Teflon Slider between the Leafs and Wedges installed. Results are a smoother ride, improved suspension travel and ease of installation

Add ons:
Steering Stabilizer - $60.00
Pitman Arm - $75.00

Front: New leaf springs, bushings, track bar drop bracket, u-bolts, transfer case drop, disconnects, pitman arm, shackles, brake lines, spring plates
Rear: New leaf springs, bushings, shackles, u-bolts, shims, brake lines

Add ons:
Set of 4 Shocks (hydro or nitro) - $200
Steering Stabilizer - $60.00