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Bell Housings, Flywheels, & Flywheel Housings

The 4BT comes in 2 varieties, Ford and Chevy - the actual engine is the same it's the flywheel housing (not bell housing) that designates which it is. You can switch between the two, but that run you $1,600 or more from Cummins! Jeff Daniel's often has new take offs or used set- ups to switch your engine. We even take take trade-ins to help offset the cost. If you plan to use a Dodge NV4500, your best bet is a 6BT set up since it is a Dodge bolt pattern. You will also need a 6BT starter to complete this package.
Certain applictaions require a simple adapter, a chevy to AX-15 requires an new bell housing (which is the adapter); others require an adapter and a bell housing such as the Ford to AX-15 set up. This requires a small block Ford bell housing which can often be found in your local junk yard - otherwise Jeff Daniel's usually has a couple laying around.

Chevy Style Flywheel Housing/Bell Housing

Ford Style Flywheel Housing/Bell Housing

Dodge Style Flywheel Housing/Bell Housing





Flywheel Housings and Flywheels
Flywheel and Housing combo (can be purchased seperate)
Flywheel and Housing combo (can be purchased seperate)
Flywheel and Housing combo (can be purchased seperate)

Bell Housings
Small Block Ford Bell Housing
NV4500 Bell Housing


Chevy Flywheel # 3906802 (thin 1.312"), 3913055 (thick 1.830") / Housing 391016, 3910516

Ford Flywheel # 3920707 / Housing 3912601

Dodge Flywheel # 3921263 / Housing 3912184

Chevy Starter Spacer # 3906647

Ford Starter Spacer # 3904466, 3934080