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Each Bell housing is cast 356 heat treated aluminum.  Made in the USA.  The bell housing will bolt a Cummins 2.8 to a Jeep AX15 or NV3550.  You can use a factory Jeep clutch kit and external slave cylinder.  The Hardware included consists of clutch fork, pivot ball, dowel pins, bolts, fork retainer, pilot bearing.  Lifetime limited warranty covers all manufacturing defects.


1. 2.8r to ax15 bellhousing with hardware, you modify your own flywheel with provided drawing $745


2. 2.8r to ax15 bellhousing with hardware and flywheel modified here.  Customer needs to send flywheel to manufacturer first, then it is sent back as one kit.  $845


3. 2.8r to ax15 bellhousing with hardware and billet flywheel.  Customer can get $50 credit if they send in their unused flywheel.  $1,445



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