Engine Mounts


Bell housings, flywheels, flywheel housings

Vacuum/Steering Pumps

Exciter Ring Kit

Lower Hose Kit

A/C Compressor Mount

Belt Tensioner

TJ/JK Fuel Tank Conversion

Intake Kit

Clutch Fan

Stainless Down Pipes

TJ Exhaust Kit

Lift Kits
     CJ (1976-1986)
       YJ (1987-1995)
       TJ (1997-2006)

Gearing & Axles

Optional Accessories



Customer Projects





There are lots of extras you can add on to your diesel Jeep; intercoolers, water-methanol injection, snorkels, exhaust stacks, turbo gauge, etc, etc…. Jeff Daniel’s can help with any of the above by simply giving us a call.

8 Groove Pully for Stock Alternator

This is useful in making those tiny fitment adjustments, gives you just enough room to eliminate a squeaky belt!

Click here to purchase ~ $18

Clutch Components

Each piece of the clutch kit can vary depending on your application. A Chevy style 4BT is different from a Ford and a YJ is different from a TJ, etc...

We can get you the right parts just by asking you a few quick questions. You may need to measure for the pilot bearing; preferably using a micrometer. Measure the outside diameter of the input shaft and inside diameter of the flywheel's center hole, it is VERY IMPORTANT to get an exact measurement!

Click here to purchase ~ price varies