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• Jeff Daniel’s Jeep Customizing has designed and manufactures the components necessary to swap a 4BT Cummins Diesel engine into your CJ, YJ, TJ, or JK Jeep (1976-2011). We can also install them in full size cherokees, pick ups, Land Cruisers, etc. The mounts are designed to fit any frame that measures 23.5" - 32.5" on the inside of the rails.

• The swap will yield you better fuel economy, better torque for off-road and towing, longer life of the Jeep, and lots of looks on the street!

• We use 4BT Cummins engines for our swaps., and recommend the AX-15 transmission or an NV4500 also works well. In newer Jeeps 2005 + the stock NSG370 works but may require modification. You can also use a TH400, 700R4, 4L60, or Ford AOD if you prefer an automatic. (may require modification) 3.07 gears with 33” tires will get you the best fuel economy.

• Your jeep will also need approximately 4” of lift in order to fit the 4BT inside the engine compartment.

• This swap will take about 80-100 hours to complete.

• Basic mechanical ability as well as basic shop tools are required.

• If you have a TJ (97-06) and wish to use your A/C, you need a Ford style 4BT with a high mount middle turbo works best otherwise modifications will be needed to the a/c system;  a CJ (76-86) series Jeep requires a Ford as well to accommodate the drive shaft. YJ's(87-95) can be either and JK's(07-14) need a chevy style if you plan to use the stock 6 speed (NSG370)

• Check with your State's Department of Transportation on how to re-register your vehicle as a diesel. This is required by states with inspection/emission laws. One way to do this is to apply for a reconstructed title